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All proceeds go to Heroes & Horses, an organization helping veterans in a new way—with horses and wilderness.

What's Included in the Box Set

Last Surrender - Suzie O’Connell

Northstar #10


Heather has a bad habit of walking away from good men. According to her family, Jeremiah isn’t in that category. He’s made a lot of mistakes in his life, but he’s also worked hard to atone for them, so he might be exactly the right man for her. Heather is the woman of Jeremiah’s dreams, but will he have time to prove he has what all those better men didn’t? Someone is playing games with him… someone he knows would like to see him dead.

Forever a Maverick - Genevieve Turner

Always a Cowboy #2


When farmer Ash Warner offers a marriage of convenience to single mom Juniper Gries, she can’t tell who’s crazier—him for proposing or her for accepting. He’ll get her water rights, she’ll get security for her young son, and neither of them will get intimate. But when their crazy attraction flares out of control, this plot hatched in desperation might just become the marriage of their dreams.

Prairie Fire - Tessa Layne

Cowboys of the Flint Hills #5


Firefighter Parker Hansen didn’t act on his feelings for Cassidy Grace until it was too late – the night before she left for basic training. But now that she’s back, and the newest member of Prairie’s fire brigade, he wants to pick up where they left off. But Cassidy’s fighting more than just fires, her tour in Afghanistan haunts her. It all comes to a head in the battlefield of a wildfire when the tables are turned and rescuer becomes the rescued. Will Parker’s love be enough to help Cassidy snuff the fires raging within?

The Cowboy Takes a Bride - Kristi Rose

Wyoming Matchmakers #1


Jace Shepard needs a wife or else his dying father will give a portion of the Shepard cattle ranch to Jace’s citified-cow-ignorant cousin. Meredith Hanover needs a life. Stuck under the domineering thumb of a tyrant father, Meredith is suffocating.  Her only ticket out is a marriage of convenience. Jace and Meredith strike a bargain, they’ll play house for as long as they need to get what they want. The plan is foolproof...but falling in love could change everything.

Flames of Love - Erin Wright

Firefighters of Long Valley #1


Jaxson’s not interested in love, or the perils that come with it. His priority is caring for his two small boys, and being fire chief of Sawyer. Everything changes the day he catches sight of Sugar, the pretty girl with the fragile smile. He wants her all to himself, and preferably in his bed – a no-strings arrangement that won’t break what’s left of his heart. But love’s as unpredictable as fire…

Playing At Love - Christine Kingsley

Willow Valley #5


Kate Reynolds has two loves in her life—her daughter and her coffee shop. She's learned the hard way you can't rely on a man and she's determined to do it all on her own. But when rugged country crooner Mac Winters helps out with the grand opening, the last thing she expects is long-denied feelings to surface. The more time they spend together, the harder it is to fight it. They both know they can't give the other what they need. But the longer they keep playing at love, the more they wonder…could this be the real deal?

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