Sponsoring Authors

Throughout this project and our careers, we've been fortunate to have been part of a far-reaching community of authors from a wide variety of genres, and many of them have stepped up once again and helped us get the word out about this project. We'd like to take a moment to give them all a shout-out. These are wonderful writers, one and all, and there's something for everyone in this list, so give them a look.


To all the authors who have helped us not only with this project but with our careers, thank you!


In no particular order, here they are (click their names to learn more about them and about their books):

COra Seton

Writes: Contemporary Western Romance (Small Town & Military)

Best Known For: Cowboys of Chance creek, Heroes of Chance Creek



Jacques Antoine

Writes: Action/Adventure

Best Known For: Emily Kane Adventures



Nick Russell

Writes: Mystery, Hard-boiled Police Procedurals

Best Known For: Big Lake Mysteries, Gypsy Journal (RV e-Newspaper)



Lee Hanson

Writes: Murder Mysteries

Best Known For: Julie O'Hara Mysteries



Claire Kane

Writes: Contemporary Westerns and Cozy Mysteries

Best Known For: Outlaws and Fast Draws, Z & C Mysteries



Serena Clarke

Writes: Contemporary Romance

Best Known For: One Distant Summer, A North So True



Nancy Stopper

Writes: Contemporary Small Town Romance

Best Known For: Oak Grove



DB McNichol

Writes: Mystery with a dash of romance

Best Known For: Klondike PA Mysteries



DL Roan

Writes: Spicy Western Romance, Romantic Suspense

Best Known For: The McLendon Family Saga, Blindfold Fantasy

Kate Pearce

Writes: Romance

Best Known For: The Morgan Ranch series, The Simply series



Robert Thomas

Writes: Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure (as Bob Thomas)

Best Known For: White Staff



Mona Ingram

Writes: Contemporary and Historical Romance

Best Known For: Forever Series, Women of Independence Series



Scarlett Braden

Writes: Suspense

Best Known For: Providence in Equador Series, Friends in Foreign Places



Cameron Lowe

Writes: Supernatural Thrillers

Best Known For: Rankin Flats Supernatural Thrillers



Sela Carsen

Writes: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance

Best Known For: Wolves of Fenrir, Nocturne Falls Universe



Brent Jones

Writes: Contemporary Literary Fiction

Best Known For: The Fifteenth of June



Anna Lowe

Writes: Paranormal Romance, Western Paranormal Romance

Best Known For: The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch, Blue Moon Saloon



Susan Saxx

Writes: Contemporary Romance

Best Known For: The Real Men Series

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